1. Syllabus coverage as per guidelines of Air HQ (D Edn).
  2. Teachers Diary maintained and periodically vetted by HM.
  3. Good quality of classroom teaching maintained
  4. Interactive Class room teaching adequately emphasised upon.
  5. Slow learners being identified, corrective measures initiated

Computer Education

  1. Air Conditioned Computer Lab with Qty-16 Computers on LAN
  2. Full Time computer Teacher available.
  3. Interactive CDs and Education programmes available
  4. Broadband Internet connection available and monitored strictly for its correct usage


  1. Library available with adequate books and suitable furniture.
  2. 1073 books suitable for children, available in library
  3. Children encouraged to inculcate reading habits.

Teaching / Training Aids

  1. Black-boards and Smart boards available
  2. Models and play-way teaching aids available
  3. Colour TV with educational and recreational CDs available
  4. Charts and Display boards available.
  5. Teachers encouraged for interactive education by utilization of modern teaching aids like -Flash Cards, 3 D models, activity/educational toys etc.

In-service Training and conduct of Education Workshop

  1.  Four teachers have attended workshops on different subjects conducted at other AF Schools. 
  2. Participant teachers in turn conducted similar in-house workshops for the benefit of other teachers.



Suitability of teaching staff

  1. A total of 23 Teachers including 01 music teacher one computer teacher on part time basis) appointed as authorized vide provisions of Education Code – 2014.
  2. All the teachers fulfilling qualification criteria as laid down in Education Code – 2014.
  3. Student-Teacher ratio of 35:1 maintained.

Co / Extra-curricular Activities

  1. One Music Teacher available for Music, Dance and Cultural education of children.
  2. Music instruments such as Key board, Harmonium and drums available.
  3. Model cum Activity room available
    music-room dining-hall-2

Science Lab

Indoor Play

Play Area for Tinytots

Yoga & Sports

Planting Trees