Prahaar Battle Model making Competition 2019

30th November’2019 (Saturday)

Prahaar- Sammaj Jaagruti Sanstha is an organization striving to impart a soldierly mindset in the next generation.With an aim to spread awareness about military history and to spread courageous of war heroes, the organization conducts “Battle Model making Competition”. AFS, VSN presented a model of battle of Rezang La on 25th November 2019 and they won 3rd prize in the prestigious competition.

Team of teachers who were Ms Abha Joshi, Ms Ragitha Pillai, Ms.Varsharani Meshram, Ms. Varsha Dixit, Ms. Prabha Manjunath, Ms Prameela Vineeth, Ms. Suman Rana, Ms. Nayna Lahane, Ms. Priti Basode, Mr. Enoch Morde led by Principal Ms. Jayalakshmi Shekhar who worked diligently to put together the sand model.

The team of six students who represented the school included Dipjyoti Mohanta, Ritika Jangid, Manaswi Sirohi, Rasika Rane, Tejasvir Virdi and Anvi Agrahari. They presented the model before a team of three judges some of whom were retired combatants of the Indian Army. They interacted with the students and also asked questions about the model. They were very impressed and congratulated the team for putting up an excellent model.