Purple Day/ Gandhi Cap making

4th october’2019 ( Friday)

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The purple things that appears on mind appear are: plum, violets, grapes, amethyst, iris, eggplant, turnip, and lilac.

We love purple, we love purple.
Yes, we do.  Yes, we do.
Purple grapes and eggplant,
Purple plums and grape juice,
Just for me, just for you.

It was a free spirited day where all the students of pre primary section as well as the teachers came dressed in their ‘Purple Best and the classrooms were well decorated with Purple streamers and purple color objects. Children did activity of mixing two primary colors red and blue to get one secondary color purple and made brinjals out of moulding dough as well as paper. They did a model of Purple grapes with crepe paper crumpling activity.They made beautiful Purple flowers out of craft paper. They also played dandiya to mark the celebration of Navratras. The UKG students also made Gandhi cap made of paper to mark the celebration of Gandhi Jayanti. Purple day celebrations prompted the young ones to think how colour enhances and influences our lives. It turned out to be a remarkable day filled with fun and enthusiasm.

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