Morning Assemblies by pre primary students

30th August’2019(Friday)

“School assemblies are an excellent resource for kids to learn more about the school, develop their values, and provide an exciting venue for them to grow and develop into a valuable member of society and the outlying community.”

Morning assembly is one of the important tool in cultural and community building. A well-planned assembly can contribute to the academic and student behavioral excellence in any school. Their involvement increases management skills and public speaking skills among them. Students develops the skill to work in team, igniting young minds toward the learning and encourages them to learn more and increases their interest in school activities. The program of the assemblies has the potential to nurture and maintain a positive, healthy school culture which binds everyone together.

On 27th August, UKG- A conducted the school assembly based on the theme of Solar Energy. On 3oth August students of UKG- B conducted the morning assembly on the theme of “Say No to Plastics”.

It was beautiful and well managed program showing the skill of public speaking and time management, wrapped in the beautiful string of team work. Kudos to the tiny toddlers.

IMG-20191001-WA0111     IMG-20191001-WA0107      IMG-20191001-WA0113       IMG-20191001-WA0110