An excursion to post office by Pre Primary wing

18th September’ 2019(Wednesday)

“Postman’s bag is always heavy because it carries the life itself: It carries all the sorrows and all the joys, all the worries and all the hopes!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Air Force School, VSN organized an educational and fun filled field trip to post office for its pre primary students with a view to encourage ‘learning by doing’. The tiny tots began their exploration with briefing about letters, stamps and post office. They made greeting cards, put them in their envelop, then pasted stamps on the envelops. They also got to know about different types and shapes of envelops along with different kinds of stamps. It was altogether a great learning experience especially in these times of email & social networking sites. Visiting a post-office was something unusual experience for the children as though “post” is an ancient form of communication. They got to see a mail van out side the post office and were also told the way the letters go by van to the airport and railway station.It was a pleasure to witness their innocent conversation with their surprised yet amused postman uncle. Later the children posted envelopes that they had prepared in class by drawing themselves, writing notes for their mothers and pasting stamps.It was delightful to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they were posting their envelopes in the post box.

The incorporation of  this kind of interactive learning to the Preschool curriculum is very important as it not only enhances emotional, social and academical developments, but they also learn it well by forming their own links between theory and reality. It was indeed very impressionable on the young minds.

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