Plantation Activity by preprimary section of AIR FORCE SCHOOL, VSN, NGP

Dated: 12th July’ 2019

“He that plants trees loves others besides himself.”

                                                                                -By Thomas Fuller


The pre primary students of Air Force School, Nagpur, took active participation in the Plantation Activity. Students serve as the primary planters which allow them to take ownership  and responsibility of the plants. The students also participate in pre planting activities that connects them to the benefits of trees. The teachers taught the students the importance of trees for our ecosystem, along with the germination process so as to make them aware of the essentials for tending a plant.Principal ma’am encouraged the tiny tots and also participated with them in their first endeavor with gardening.They also performed a small skit presenting the process of germination.

Reflecting on our project, we saw that it helped students:

  • Develop critical-thinking skills.
  • Learn how to apply science concepts.
  • Develop leadership and communication skills.
  • Connect with nature, developing love and compassion in them.
  • Discover how they can improve their environment.

The students promised to take care of the plants. It was pleasure seeing our little ones being cute gardeners.

Plantation Activity2019      LKG A   Plantation Skit

Plantation     Plantation with principal     LKG A

UKG B    UKG B Plantation    UKG B with Tools    Watering the Plants