Dated : 5th July’ 2019

The pre primary section of AIR FORCE SCHOOL, VSN, NAGPUR, celebrated Umbrella Day to show little appreciation towards the particularly good and skillful object that not only protect us from harsh sun rays but also keeps dry from the rain. Umbrellas always attract children as they are they are correlated with rainbow and colours.

In an attempt to mark an impression on their fresh minds, the teachers made the tiny tots exposed to all the things they see, use, eat, hear, smell and feel, using their five senses, on a typical rainy day. They made handmade umbrellas which they gifted to their teachers. They celebrated the season of splash with monsoon foods like fluffy kachories, samosas, and other chaats and pakoras. They also performed dance with their umbrellas. Few of them tried their first experience of ramp walk with umbrellas making their own style statements.

LKG A with Principal                                                                        5                                                               4                                                                                   3                                                                   1

Umbrella Dance                                                               Style LKG A                                                       LKG A with Paper umbrella