Summer Holiday Homework

Class II

English:  Learn and write new words of chapter- 1 to 9 in rough notebook for spell bee competition.

हिंदी :        सुलेख पृष्ट १ – २२

अनुछेद लेखन : 1. मेरा मित्र

  1. मेरे माता पिता
  2. गिनती १ से ३० तक शब्दों में(रफ़ कॉपी में)
  3. रोज़ाना १ हिंदी की कहानी पढ़ें कहानी की किताब से

Mathematics: Learn tables 1-10

Practice number counting 1-1000

Practice chapter 1 (in rough copy)

EVS:      Draw a family tree and paste photos of your family members.

Class III

English:  Learn and write new words of lesson 1 to 3 in rough notebook

हिंदी :             सुलेख पृष्ट १ – २0

अनुछेद लेखन : मेरी माँ

२० लिंग बदलो

२० वचन बदलो

Mathematics:  Write tables 5 times (2 to 15) and memorise

Practice counting from 1000 to 5000

Practice chapter 1 and 2(in rough notebook)

EVS:               Chart of watercycle

Scrapbook: Different types of food, leaves, houses and bird’s beaks

Class IV

English:   Cursive writing- Page 1-20

Read at least 2 books and write about it.

Write a story/ poem.

हिंदी :   सुलेख १० पृष्ट

डायरी लेखन १० दिन

दो कहानी की किताबों का अध्ययन करिये और अपने विचार लिखे

Mathematics:  Write tables 5 times in A4 size sheet (2 to 15) and memorise them.

EVS:    Draw on a chart paper, your extended family tree and mention two special          qualities of each one of them.

Class V

English:  Cursive writing- Page 1-20

Read at least 2 books and write about it.

Write a story/ poem.

हिंदी :   सुलेख २ से २२ पृष्ट

अनुछेद लेखन – मेरा परिवार

मेरा देश भारत

हिंदी भाषा – हमारी राष्ट्र भाषा

पर्यावरण को सुन्दर स्वच्छ रखने में आपका योगदान    ( in loose sheets and then file in a folder)

Mathematics: Write tables 5 times (2 to 20) and memorise them.

EVS:  On a chart paper paste pictures of 5 sports person and mention their specialities.

Class VI

English:   Write an eassy from an object prospective i.e. Kite

Make a forgiveness card for your sibling.

हिंदी :   आप जिन – जिन दर्शनीय स्थानों में गए हैं उनकी जानकारी एक एल्बम में दीजिये


Mathematics: Indian place value chart

International place value chart

Roman Numericals

SST: Make a picture album showing the lifestyle of old stone age people along with some details. Use your creative ideas to make the album.

Make a model of globe showing earth’s axis, equator, tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn, artic circle, antartic circle.

Science: On a chart paper make tables related to vitamins and minerals- its functions, deficiency disesses, symptoms and sources.

Class VII

English: Create a memorabilia reflecting 5 important and treasured moments.

Write a letter to your friend

Prepare a story on friendship

हिंदी : यदि आपको दूसरे ग्रह जाने का मौका मिले तो कहाँ और क्यों जायेंगेॽ

Mathematics: Multiply-

  • (-3) 5
  • (-7) (-3)
  • 21 (-100)
  • (-24) (-8)
  • (-6) (-6)


  • 8
  • 42 (-7)
  • -24 (-8)
  • -52 13


  1. (-21)
  2. -7+ (-3)+3-(-10)-48 6

Draw application problem chart (any one) given in the text book


Draw Application chart (any one) from the text book.


  1. On an A4 size handmade paper, draw the map of India and mark the provinces of the Delhi Sultanate during Md. Tughlaq’s rule ( page9) of the History book and design it like a scroll.
  2. Make a model /chart of the layers inside the earth and label the different parts.

Science: On a chart paper, draw a neat labelled and colourful diagrams of :

  1. Digestive system in humans
  2. Digestive systems of a ruminant

Class VIII

English:  Students have to make a collage of well – known cricket players and write a paragraph on them.

Write a paragraph on a cricket match recently seen

हिंदी : किन्ही दो सहायक कर्ताओ  से साक्षात्कार लीजिये

Mathematics: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of rational numbers

SST:     Make a scrapbook on conservations of resources.

On an outline map of India, mark states and capital

Science:  Make a scrap book on different shapes of bacteria, protozoa and also draw a neat labbled and colourful diagram of Nitrogen cycle.

Class IX

English:  The students have to make a comic book with a story that they find funny.

हिंदी :  प्रिय लेखक या कवि की जानकारी प्रोजेक्ट के रूप में

Mathematics:     ,  draw on number line,

Write identity from poly numbers.

SST:       Make a scrapbook on Democracy in the contemporary world – site democracy in different parts of the world.

Write about major rivers of India and its role in India.

Map Work:

  1. On an outline map of India, mark India, states and capital.
  2. Mark physical features of India on outline map Mountain Ranges- the Karakoram, the Zasker, the Shivalik, the Aravali, the Vindhaya and Satpura, Western and Eastern ghats.
  3. On an outline map of India mark mountain peaks: K2, Kanchanjunga, Anaimudi.
  4. Plateau- Deccan, Chota Nagpur, Malwa
  5. Coastal Plains- Konkan, Malabar, Corimandal and Northern Circar
  6. On an outline map of India locate – Tropic of Cancer and Standard Meridian

Science: Make a scrapbook on :

  1. Various cells from the human body
  2. Animal cell
  3. Plant cell
  4. Compound Microscope

All should be neatly labelled and coloured